51% Dark Chocolate Almond - Bites - Sugar Free, Low Carb

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51% Dark Chocolate Almond - Bites - Sugar Free, Low Carb

  • If you want to enjoy delicious chocolate without feeling guilty this is the right place. ZeroIN chocolate is about keeping the best of chocolate and leaving out what is bad for you. 

    Dark chocolate is good for you, but it's even better when it isn't sweetened with sugar.

    If you love the perfect marriage of Dark Chocolate and Almond this is for you. This is why, stone-ground dark chocolate adds a creamy texture while roasted almonds bring a crunchy touch.

    When you get Good chocolate the main challenge is stopping yourself from eating the whole thing in one seating. No more worries, with our bite-size format you can enjoy up to 5 pieces and close the bag for the day.  

    What Makes ZeroIN Chocolate different?

    • ∘ Sugar free
    • ∘ No-sugar-alcohols like Maltitol, Erythitol or similar
    • ∘ Low carb: only 1 gram of net carbs per serving
    • ∘ No artificial sweeteners
    • ∘ Sweetened with stevia: a natural sweetener derived from the leaves of the plant Stevia rebaudiana
    • ∘ High in dietary fibre
    • ∘ Plant-based, vegan
    • ∘ Dairy-free, soy-free, and gluten-free
    • ∘ Made proudly in Canada!
    • ∘ All natural, non-GMO
  • Almond-Dark Chocolate - Bites - Sugar Free , Low Carb - Nutritional Information

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    Ingredients: Soluble fibre from tapioca, unsweetened cocoa mass,  cocoa butter, almonds, stevia extract, sea salt. May contain traces of other tree nuts.  


    Store in a cool place, preferably at 17-20C.

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